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PLEASE CHECK the frequent asked questions ( FAQ ) below, before sending us questions.

Japanese Girl Roped @ Business department @ Ioka, Akemi

About ( Download ) Products for Members

Q1: Please tell me the required system to view the movies

A1: The movies will be played normally with the system below.

• Windows98SE/Me/NT4/2000/XP, Windows Media Player9 installed.

• However, we just recommend the system above, and we will not guarantee if you have any problem of your system.

• Windows2000 or the higher version, Video Card 64MB and the more memory.

• MAC OS-X or the higher version, Windows Media Player9 installed.

• To view the movies, you will need to install Windows Media Player9.

About Order

Q2: What is the name of the credit card claim for invoice?

A2: The name of the credit card claim for invoice is "MCTEL 03-3363-3009"

Q3: I can not order the product(s).

A3: Because of excessive access or system maintenance, you may not be able to order the products. Please take time to order the same products, and try to order again. Furthermore, if you still can not order even after you take time to order, please contact us from the contact form.

Q4: I can not receive the verification e-mail.

A4: Because of Network problem and any other problem, you may not receive the e-mail. If you make the same order, you could make duplicate order. Please verify your order from the contact form before you re-order.

Q5: I typed the wrong e-mail address! What should I do?

A5: After your order, a order confirmation email will be sent to the email address you typed in the order form. If you fill out wrong information in the form, or you will not receive the verification e-mail us. Please do not re-order from the website, but fill out and send back from the contact form. In the case please write "your name", "e-mail address", "product name", and "purchased date".

Q6: I would like to change the products! Or I would like to cancel my order.

A6: After your order, we do not accept "exchange", "cancellation", "return", and "refund" in any reason.

Q7: Duplication order or wrong order.

A7: Please understand not to accept "exchange", "cancellation", "return", and "refund" in any reason.

Q8: I can not receive the order form.

A8: Because of Network problem, you may not receive the verification e-mail. If you order again, you might make duplicate order. Before you order again please contact us and verify your order.

Q9: I would like to order via e-mail...

A9: Due to our system, we do not accept orders via e-mail. Please order the products from the order form on our shopping cart system.

About Membership Area

Q10: What is ID & Password?

A10: If you order the Japanese Girl Roped product(s), you will receive the verification e-mail which informs the URL for only members, member's ID, member's Password for accessing images(or movies) download pages. And then, you access member's URL and you find that there is a list of the products. If you select the products you purchased, you will be asked your member's ID and member's Password to certify the membership, and then you will type your ID & Password. When your ID & Password are successfully certified, you will be able to download the products. Moreover, member's ID & Password will be expired within 30 days.

Q11: I do not receive the ID and Password!

A11: Because of the network problem you may not receive the e-mail. Moreover, because of excess access there is a case which only credit card would be charged without processing your order normally. Also, if you type wrong e-mail address, you may not receive an order confirmation e-mail. Please make sure to type your e-mail address before you order is sent.

Q12: I would like to cancel my order...

A12: Because you receive the member's ID & Password after proceeding your order, you will be able to be in the situation to download the images (or the movies). That is why we can not confirm whether you download the images or not. That is why we do not accept "exchange", "Cancellation", "return", and "refund" in any reason and case. Please understand that it is conformed to mail order system. Please read carefully and understand all information we provide.

Q13: My ID and Password are not working...

A13: Do you type your member's ID & Password? Typing might cause missed spelling. We recommend you to copy & paste your member's ID & Password from the verification e-mail.

Q14: I can not open the movies files.(or only voice-over is played.)

A14: Is Windows Media Player installed on your computer? And, please verify the version of Windows Media Player.

• To verify, please open the Windows Media Player,

• and go to the HELP and make sure the version of Windows Media Player.

• To enjoy the high-quality images(or movies), we recommend you to use Windows Media Player Ver.9.

• Please download the updated version of the Windows Media Player from here for free

• if you are using the Windows Media Player whose version is lower than 9.

Q15: I would like to use download software for downloading the movies.

A15: If you use download software for downloading our products, it will affect the other customer's speed of downloading products. Please avoid using download software.

Q16: Can I save the image(s) and the movies in my computer?

A16: Yes, You can. We recommend you to download all images first and save the images onto your hard drive. And then you enjoy them without any difficulties for viewing the images and movies.

Q17: About Internet environment

A17: Japanese Girl Roped utilized the fast server environment. In case of the other adult sites it takes a lot of time to download the images and the moviesAand movies might drop some frames. We prepare the fast server environment, and you will download the images very fast because the bandwidth is very thick and fast.

Q18: I would like to cancel my membership.

A18: Canceling membership is simple and easy. Please go to JOIN page, and you will find >> Cancel Membership at the bottom of the page. You will enter your ID and PW, then click submit.